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Trisley Hydraulic Services provide commerical pool pipes installation Trisley's Hydraulic Services P/L (THS) are a specialised pool company dealing with all aspects of the commercial swimming pool industry, including the installation and servicing from the smallest Aquatic Centres, to total plant removal, rebuild and upgrading of the largest Aquatic Centres, in Australia.

Trisley Hydraulic Services experience

Our Experience
over 350 service clients across Australia

We are a family owned and operated business with over 50 years' experience in the industry. We stand behind our products and services, which clearly gives us a distinct advantage over all others.

Currently we are working on pools right across NSW, QLD and WA as well as new facilities in Alice Springs. We have over 350 service clients across Australia. We have also consulted/worked on pools for 2 Olympics Games, 1 Commonwealth Games and 1 FINA World Championship.

Trisley Hydraulic Services quality assurance

Quality Assurance
full quality assurance accreditation

Our Company has full Quality Assurance Accreditation in NSW (Lic 100490). We believe that presently we are the only filtration installation Company to hold this level of QA.

Having this Quality Assurance accreditation requires us to report and respond to any issues that may arise from a quality point of view. Importantly, we are a service based Company and our aim on all projects is to have the client as an ongoing customer once the project is completed. We can only achieve this by delivering a quality product.


Our Qualifications

Trisley Hydraulic Services Qualifications

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